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In the Classroom

In the Classroom

Teens & Library

Teens & Library

Reading Disorders & Reading Comprehension

Books turn from exciting adventures to daunting challenges when you struggle with reading single words.

Written Language and Organization

Looking at a blank page, it is difficult to figure out the words to use, the order to put them in, and the punctuation that lets others understand it.

Speech Production

Saying "weddy to doe" when you're "ready to go" makes it difficult for others to understand what your mean.

Receptive Language (Comprehension)

It is hard to watch people around you listen to a story and then find you can't understand how it came together or remember directions someone gives you.

Expressive Language (Language Use)

It can be very frustrating to know what you want to say, but be unable to share it by talking or writing.

Social Skills

Making friends, understanding conversation skills and dealing with social anxiety are necessary skills.

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Kathleen Rose-Le


FL License

ASHA Member

4 time ACE Award Recipient

 International Dyslexia Assoc.

Certified in LSVT LOUD

PROMPT trained for Apraxia

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